Does provillus cause erectile dysfunction?

Have you heard about hair products causing problems downstairs? Are you scared it can happen to you? Well, you can breathe relaxed because it’s just a myth. And to answer your doubts and clear your mind, here’s a medical explanation of the hair loss mechanism.

Male pattern baldness, or medically called Androgenic Alopecia, is one of the most common causes of hair loss in males. It affects approximately 50% of male population. The hormone you need to blame for your mane problems is dihydrotestosterone or, simply called DHT. It is a derivative of the male hormone testosterone but opposed to it it’s more efficient than testosterone and bids to the cell for a longer time. Once it binds to the hair follicles, it causes them to shrink and therefore, incapable of producing hair. In other words, it wants your hair follicles dead. This hormone is naturally present in your circulation under certain limits, and it doesn’t affect your hair or any other function as well. But once the levels of it rise, it can be a problem because healthy hair can’t naturally survive under this conditions, leaving you with a deserted scalp eventually.

Will it happen to me?

Everyone may think Provillus found on can affect your testosterone levels to regenerate your hair, causing you more problems than before. The question on everybody’s lips is about erectile dysfunction. But there’s no reason to worry! The producers developed an extraordinary formula that only keeps the DHT levels under control and therefore, not affecting any sexual function. It contains minoxidil, which is a unique ingredient which facilitates blood flow to the scalp and thus wakes up the inactivated follicles, promoting hair development. It also has other components such as Magnesium, Zinc and other vitamins to help you revitalize your hair, regain its strength and increases hair density.

Provillus is an FDA-approved, safe product that won’t affect any hormone-related function whatsoever, including your gonadal function as well. It means you can relax! There’s no need to worry while applying Provillus.